We strongly believe that decentralization and real ownership of digital assets can have a major impact on people’s lives in the real world.

Toyo is designed to have the players in the center of the economy, rewarding them by playing the game with NFTs, governance tokens, and in-game currency tokens.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

We offer a wide range of NFTs. Each Toyo is a combination of 10 body parts that are also individual NFTs, as well as skills and attachments which are also individual NFTs. By completing some tasks in the game, you will be able to earn NFTs that can be used in-game or sold in the marketplace.


$TOYO Token Contract:

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Beyond bringing the power of decentralization to our ecosystem, it will be tied into a few game mechanics. Its value will be directly linked to the success of Toyo as a whole (read about ”our vision into the future” chapter) and the market interest in it. $TOYO Governance Token holders will participate in key governance voting, allowing them to shape the future of Toyo Metaverse. Additionally, presenting holders with staking opportunities.

Total Supply of 150,000,000


$BOND will be our In-Game Utility Token in the Toyo Metaverse, it will be designed to power the play-to-earn economy.

$BOND will be required in many game-mechanics, such as, but not limited to: entrance in advanced PVP battles, scavenger missions, customizing Toyos, restoring broken Toyos, and more. Tokens used in these mechanics will be burnt, causing it to become a valuable token with high demand.

Players will be able to mint our In-Game Utility Token while completing play-to-earn tasks in the various game mechanics within the Toyo Universe, like in-game quests, battling against other players, going to scavenger missions, and more.

Another way to earn our In-Game Utility Token will be through user-generated content initiatives.

We have not deployed $BOND tokens yet, be aware of scammers.

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