Toyos’ power is defined by the sum of their stats. Each Toyo will be an expert in certain areas depending on how they were enhanced by their Humans.
All Toyos have 12 different stats, which are:
Vitality How much overall damage your Toyo can receive
Resistance How much your Toyo can shield physical damages
Resilience How much your Toyo can shield cyber damages
Physical Strength How much physical damage your Toyo can give
Cyber Force How much cyber damage your Toyo can give
Technique The overall chance of blocking attacks
Analysis Intelligence to calculate enemies’ weaknesses during battle to apply the most effective damage possible and reduces the chance of enemies’ blocking attacks
Agility The overall chance of dodging attacks
Speed Defines which Toyo will attack first and reduces the chance of enemies’ avoiding attacks
Precision Increases the chance of critical hits and combos
Stamina In-Battle: How quickly your Toyo recovers vitality to last longer Off-Battle: Vitality recovery rate between battles during Scavenger Missions Luck In-Battle: Chance to counter-attack either when blocking or dodging an attack Off-Battle: Increase the quality of new findings during Scavenger Missions
Players can increase Toyo’s stats by winning battles and putting their Toyos on daily training sessions.
Each of the 12 stats has a maximum score of 100*, yet the maximum score of a Toyo is 600*. Players will have to choose which stats their Toyos will be experts in.
*Numbers shown are explanatory only.