In a very distant future, in a simulation far, far away… Toyos were created by Westan Nakatoshi in 2140 as a way to stop Human violence. Humans could use Toyos to solve any kind of dispute — ranging from small issues such as deciding what’s for dinner to territory conquests.
Westan Nakatoshi tells her story [english subtitles available]
Years later, one day, the sky went dark and rage dominated all the regions. The greed of Humanity turned something good into something sinister. A war started. In 3055 many races went extinct and Toyos are now orphans of their Humans 😢. Now, it’s in your hands. Toyos are counting on you to reactivate their Heart-Bond module, bring their purpose back, and together, have a second chance to save and rebuild their world - at the same time, getting rewards with our play-to-earn mechanics.


  • 2140 | In the Planet Earth of the Simulation H64, Westan Nakatoshi invents the first Toyo.
  • 2142 | W. Nakatoshi shares Toyo with the scientific community but does not reveal the source code.
  • 2143 | W. Nakatoshi tries to convince the military to replace soldiers with Toyos, but gets denied when they find out Toyos can’t hurt Humans.
  • 2145 | W. Nakatoshi entrusts the secret behind Toyo to 9 scientists around the world. To each scientist, she gives a unique version of the source code, thus creating the First 9.
  • 2150 | Toyo becomes a world sensation. Demand for Toyo becomes too high for the supply.
  • 2160 | The World Index reveals a drop of 70% in overall violence among several countries.
  • 2169 | The first Toyo Crewed mission to deep space - TY SS 1 - is deployed with success.
  • 2170 | The World Council approves international conflicts to be solved with Toyo battles.
  • 2173 | W. Nakatoshi receives the title of “Ambassador of Peace” from the World Council for his contributions to world peace.
  • 2179 | Nation X steals the source code of one of the First 9 and corrupts it. Titan Toyos are created.
  • 2184 | The First World Toyo Wars begins.
  • 2186 | Westan Nakatoshi hides the Seed Boxes around the world containing the essence of the
  • 2189 | In her last known transmission, W. Nakatoshi broadcasts the location of the Seed Keys to it’s entrusted scientists.
  • 3055 | Last record of the presence of Humans on Earth H64.
  • 3061 | J.I.G. Collector successfully finds the F4 Seed Boxes location.3064 - The Inter Simulation Link is created, establishing a temporary link with Simulation WH9 (ours).