In a very distant future, in a simulation far, far away… Toyos were created by Westan Nakatoshi in 2140 as a way to stop Human violence. Humans could use Toyos to solve any kind of dispute — ranging from small issues such as deciding what’s for dinner to territory conquests.

Years later, one day, the sky went dark and rage dominated all the regions. The greed of Humanity turned something good into something sinister. A war started. In 3055 many races went extinct and Toyos are now orphans of their Humans 😢. Now, it’s in your hands. Toyos are counting on you to reactivate their Heart-Bond module, bring their purpose back, and together, have a second chance to save and rebuild their world - at the same time, getting rewards with our play-to-earn mechanics.


  • 2140 | In the Planet Earth of the Simulation H64, Westan Nakatoshi invents the first Toyo.

  • 2142 | W. Nakatoshi shares Toyo with the scientific community but does not reveal the source code.

  • 2143 | W. Nakatoshi tries to convince the military to replace soldiers with Toyos, but gets denied when they find out Toyos can’t hurt Humans.

  • 2145 | W. Nakatoshi entrusts the secret behind Toyo to 9 scientists around the world. To each scientist, she gives a unique version of the source code, thus creating the First 9.

  • 2150 | Toyo becomes a world sensation. Demand for Toyo becomes too high for the supply.

  • 2160 | The World Index reveals a drop of 70% in overall violence among several countries.

  • 2169 | The first Toyo Crewed mission to deep space - TY SS 1 - is deployed with success.

  • 2170 | The World Council approves international conflicts to be solved with Toyo battles.

  • 2173 | W. Nakatoshi receives the title of “Ambassador of Peace” from the World Council for his contributions to world peace.

  • 2179 | Nation X steals the source code of one of the First 9 and corrupts it. Titan Toyos are created.

  • 2184 | The First World Toyo Wars begins.

  • 2186 | Westan Nakatoshi hides the Seed Boxes around the world containing the essence of the


  • 2189 | In her last known transmission, W. Nakatoshi broadcasts the location of the Seed Keys to it’s entrusted scientists.

  • 3055 | Last record of the presence of Humans on Earth H64.

  • 3061 | J.I.G. Collector successfully finds the F4 Seed Boxes location.3064 - The Inter Simulation Link is created, establishing a temporary link with Simulation WH9 (ours).

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