Gameplay where you grow your inventory/collection of Toyos and body parts, also known as “breeding” in other play-to-earn games.
Since the Toyo world is still too dangerous for Humans, you can send your Toyo (or more than one) on scavenger missions to find and retrieve lost Toyos and scattered body parts for your collection (which are NFTs).
There are many locations to choose from to send your Toyo to do the search. Each location has its own challenges and level of danger.
The greater the difficulty, the better the reward. But, players MUST think very carefully about which Toyo to send to each location. Depending on the player’s Toyo stats, they may not even be able to get back from some very dangerous locations.
Location danger is defined by the number of chances your Toyo(s) will have to battle against wild Toyos along the way.
Don’t worry! If your Toyo does not come back, you can send other Toyos on a rescue mission!
To avoid inconveniences, you can send sidekicks with the main Toyo, each sidekick sent together increases the chances of a successful mission.