Basic PVP

Players will challenge each other in a FairPlay battle.

Risks: None Regular Reward: Winner increase their stats Regular Requirements: None Premium Reward: Winner earn in-game currency tokens and/or common items Premium Requirement: 1 Premium Battle Point

Advanced PVP

Players pay an entry fee using their in-game currency token to challenge each other in a battle.

Risks: None Prize: x1.75 of in-game currency token entry fee value Requirement: In-game currency tokens

Hardcore PVP

NO MERCY! Battle until one of the Toyos is dismembered.

Risks: To lose your Toyo’s body part(s) Prize: Get loser’s Toyo dismembered body part(s) Requirement: Courage... to put your Toyo at risk

Relay Team PVP

Inspired by the King Of Fighters game series, players can set a sequential team where Toyos battle one after another. Select team sets of: 2x2, 3x3, 5x5, 10x10, 100x100, ?x?.


Mixing the above PVP modes, we will have a large range of tournaments with great rewards/earnings to be expected.

PVE Tasks (Per User)

A random task is generated every day.

Reward: In-game currency tokens or common items Requirement: none

PVE Quests (per user)

Get to know more about Toyo’s background story during these quests.

Reward: Special items and badges to enable/unlock future features Requirement: none

PVE Challenges (per Toyo)

A vast range of challenges, from survival to bosses. Expect different challenges on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Each challenge has a certain level of difficulty and rewards are to follow.

Reward: From common items to NFTs, depending on the challenge Requirement: From none to badges collected in quests, depending on the challenge

PVE Limited Seasonal Quests

Incredible exclusive NFTs rewards are expected in Seasonal Quests. Those quests will be available either by a limited time or NFT supply.

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