Official Toyo Whitepaper, last updated December 2021

Are we living in a computer simulation? That’s a question all of us asked ourselves at least once. At what point will games be so real that we will not be able to distinguish them from our own reality? That is a question that fills our minds with wonder and excitement about the future. We at Lucid Dreams (the developer company behind Toyo - are a team of futurists who create visions for tomorrow in everything we do today. So if our current reality is a simulation, what other simulations exist out there?

Action figures were a big part of our childhood. We spent hours roleplaying battles and adventures inside our heads. From the excitement of building heroes to the happiness when enemies were destroyed, we were the writers of our own stories. Now imagine another simulation of our World, where society evolved in other directions. This new universe is populated by sentient action figures, living side by side with Humans. Picture yourself being transported to this simulation: exploring new regions never seen before, making new friends, battling in tournaments, defeating enemies, living wild adventures together, and earning some money along the way.

This is the Toyo Metaverse. A universe where the nostalgia of the past gives life to the reality of the future.

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