All important info about Toyo in one single scroll, summered.

Toyo starts as a play-to-earn strategic PVP/PVE blockchain fighting game with NFT action-figure characters, body parts, and item ownership. It is thematically inspired by the toys of many generations’ childhoods.

Toyo will continually evolve into an open-world MMO, full of adventures and side game mechanics.

Play-To-Earn We will integrate blockchain into the game to give players the ability to earn real-life rewards such as tokens and NFTs directly into their digital wallets. NFTs Toyos, body parts, attachments, items, skills and even special emotes will be NFTs that can be used in-game, traded among players, or sold on the marketplace. Blockchain Built on Polygon (previously Matic), an Ethereum layer 2. Collectibles Thousands of limited edition Toyos and body parts to collect, from different regions with various looks and rarity. Customize Thousands of parts and attachments for you to customize your Toyos. Change arms, hands, head, legs, and feet. Make them one of a kind. NFT Marketplace On our own marketplace, you will be able to sell and trade Toyos, body parts and other items. Buyers will be able to interact with Toyos from different angles and watch their fighting moves. Economy A player-centered and blockchain-enhanced economy. Deflationary Game mechanics that encourage players to burn Toyos and body parts, while at the same time get rewarded for it. Immersive Storyline (Almost) Everything has a reason to be in Toyo. You won’t be able to change the past but you certainly can write the future. Progression Increase your NFTs value by enhancing their stats just by playing the game. There are many options of gameplays to choose from. Strategic Gameplay Set strategies, choose your skills, change attachments, swap body parts, then watch your Toyos smash other Toyos in breathtaking battles. Grow Your Collection Send your Toyos out into the world to find and bring home other lost Toyos and/or body parts. The higher the risk, the higher the reward. Platforms Toyo is accessible from internet browsers (PCs and Mobile).

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