Toyo wants to fulfill its vision of being a multimedia franchise by developing other media properties using the same NFT characters and lore of the P2E Game.

Toyo NFTs holders will forever have a percentage of shared profit to any online and offline products where their characters are highlighted in.

The Toyo Metaverse goes beyond the game. Underneath the gameplay mechanics, there’s a deep LORE that covers thousands of years of history. The Toyoverse might have similarities with ours, but the history couldn’t be more different.

Players will find themselves in a broken world, where all the humans are gone and only Toyos inhabit that planet. Together with the game, we will create comics, books, series, and movies that will piece together the convoluted and troubled past of that simulation.

The past will be written by us, but the future will be written by the players. How they will rebuild this world is completely up to them.

Will they honor the beliefs and traditions of the different regions they discover along their journey? Or, will they create new ones, molded by their own thoughts?

With the use of blockchain and smart-contract technology, we will be able to identify the eligible owners of each of the characters, and give their right share on each and every product Toyo launches in the future.

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